If you are thinking of installing IOS 7 as a beta version then be warned. Obviously you expect to find a few problems in a beta, but it should be more spit and polish than anything major that is needed. I found this to not be the case with IOS 7 Beta 2, firstly the install of IOS7 failed requiring me to go through the process twice for it to complete.

When I attempted to restore my apps and settings, the majority of apps failed to install, 207 in total. This backwards compatibility is an area IOS has never done very well.

Then when I tried using some of the major apps, some would crash, the graphics would screw up on others or they would become unresponsive and require a full  reboot of the device.

Thankfully I only use my iPad for fun and not work, otherwise I would be mighty disappointed, and I certainly won’t be upgrading my iPhone until IOS 7 is in final release.

My personal opinion here is that it was not ready to be released just yet, I would have liked Apple to have ensured it was a far more stable product first.



Today at Microsoft’s annual Build Conference in San Francisco, a new collaboration was announced with Unity Technologies, the provider of Unity multi-platform game engine and developer tools. Marking one step in our ongoing commitment to provide the best developer environment for creators, this collaboration will make it even easier for developers to bring popular games, entertainment and apps to Microsoft platforms.

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It’s arrival is getting closer…

After being unsuccessful in getting my hands on a pre-release version of Leap Motion’s Controller last year, I’m avidly awaiting it’s release on July 22nd. It will be interesting to see how good a controller it is in real life, but at only $80 you can’t go far wrong.

The developer SDK, which enables you to build app specifically targeted for use with the controller supports a range of languages, including:

  • C++
  • Objective-C
  • C#
  • Mono
  • Unity Pro
  • Java
  • Python

In particularly I can’t wait to try the SDK with Unity. Seeing as one of my all time favourite games is Time Crisis, I’m hoping I can build some awesome game play without the need for an additional controller.


Developing an understanding of code is a valuable skill. In fact its now a 21st century storytelling reality. While it’s not critical for you to rush off and learn how to code, it wouldn’t hurt to become more familiar with the terminology, process and realities of producing digital / interactive projects.

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